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Having trouble understanding somebody from across the pond? You've come to the right place.
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Below is a list of 47 user submitted British words starting with the letter a.

about-turn - U-turn

accountancy - accounting

across the pond - in America

advert - commercial

aerial - antenna

aeroplane - airplane

afters - dessert

aga - stove

ageing - aging

agony aunt - advice columnist

alcopop - Sugary ladies drink

ale - Beer

alreet - alright

aluminium - aluminum

americans killing brits - friendly fire

amongst - Among

amphitheatre - amphitheater

analogue - analog

analyse - analyze

analysing - Analyzing

anorak - geek

ansafone - answering machine

answerphone - answering machine

anti-clockwise - counter-clockwise

anticlockwise - counterclockwise

anyroad - anyway

apologise - apologize

appetiser - appetizer

apple and pears - stairs

apple n pears - stairs

apples and pears - stairs

arguements - arguments

aris - ass

armour - Armor

armoury - armory

arse - ass

arse over tit - Head over heels

arsed - bothered

arsehole - asshole

arseholed - drunk

aubergine - eggplant

aubergines - eggplants

aussie - australian

autocue - Teleprompter

axe wound - vagina

aye - yeah

aye-up - hello

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