What does this site do?

Translate British is a humorous parody of a translator like those at Babelfish or Google. It takes British specific words and translates them into their American equivalent. It contains a full dictionary of British terms which has actually proven useful to people visiting England.


Try talking to somebody from North Wales for a couple of hours, and you'll see why! Honestly though, it can be useful. Thanks to us you'll know to reply with "Oh, hello how are you" instead of with a solid left hook next time somebody comes up to you and says "Wotcher, Cock?".

Who started this site?

This site is based on the NoSlang.com internet slang translator. It is owned and operated by Ryan Jones. Ryan has many friends in the UK who he interacts with on a daily basis. After not being able to understand some terms on a Forum, Ryan decided to explore alternate uses for his internet slang translator. The recent responsive version of this site was coded by Ryan's good friends at The Red Theory.

You're missing some words.

Found a word that we're missing? Great! Let us know about it. Use our New Word Submission Form I'm not actually British, and I've never really been there, so I'm sure there are tons of words I'm missing.

How Can I get my Submission Accepted?

  1. Don't submit common words. Flat means apartment, but it more commonly means not round. Same goes for Lift / Elevator
  2. Definitions should make sense when substituted. Remember, each word will be replaced exactly with what you type in.
  3. Don't explain it
  4. Spell correctly. We're too lazy to edit
  5. Skip the punctuation and capitalization
  6. If it's cockney, make sure it's well known

Example: Submit the most common usage of a word only. To quote Adelbert of Fark.com, adding lift and flat would result in sentences like "Paris Hilton's bras need extra elevator, because her chest is pretty apartment."

Where can I learn more about Slang?

The following sites offer more information about slang:

  • NoSlang Internet Slang Dictionary - Everything you've wanted to know about internet slang and acronyms
  • Peevish Dictionary of Slang - English slang and colloquialisms used in the United Kingdom
  • WOW Slang - World of Warcraft specific slang and acronyms. Also based off this site's code.
  • Swear words - A swear word replacement engine based off of this site's code base.
  • Drug Slang - A drug slang database based on the government's list of drug slang terms.

Is it just me or do all the words translate to "drunk", "idiot", or "have sex"

It's not just you, we picked up on the trend rather early. In fact, almost 20% of our initial database refers to the three words above. For a while we hypothesized that all they do in England is get drunk and have sex with idiots. The more we thought about it however, the more it made sense. Taking into account the average cockney dental hygiene, it's hard to snog without first getting trolleyed.