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back tickler :homosexual
badly packed kebab :vagina
bafoon :idiot
bagsie :claim
bairn :child
bairns :kids
baltic :very cold
bampot :clumsy idiot
bang :f**k
bangers :sausages
bap :breast
bargepole :ten-foot pole
barking :crazy
barm cake :bread roll
barman :Bartender
barmy :idiotic
barnet :hair
barney :trouble
barney rubble :trouble
barrister :lawyer
barry :excellent
bash on :perservere
batty :gay
batty man :homosexual
bedsit :one room apartment
beef bayonet :penis
beef curtains :vagina
bees and honey :Money
behaviour :behavior
bell end :penis tip
bellend :dickhead
bellow :yell
bender :drinking session
bendo :homosexual
berk :idiot
bespoke :customized
bessy :best
bevvie :alcoholic drink
bevvy :alcoholic drink
biccie :cookie
biffa :ugly chick
bifter :ciggarette
bil :police
bin bagged :evicted
bint :woman
biro :ball point pen
biscuit :cookie
biscuits :cookies
black bag :Trash Bag
bladdered :drunk
blag :mooch
blagged :robbed
blates :blatently
blathered :drunk
bleedin' :very
blem :cigarette
blighter :a**h**e
blighty :britian
blimey :wow
blinding :excellent
blinking :f**king
bloater :fat
bloke :guy
bloody :f**king
bloody nora :wow
blooming :f**king
blotto :drunk
blow off :fart
blower :telephone
blud :brother
boabie :penis
bob's your uncle :and there you have it
bobbie :policeman
bobbins :rubbish
bobby :Cop
bodge :screw up
bodge job :quick fix
boff :f**k
boffed :f**ked
boffin :nerd
bofoon :idiot
bog :toilet
bog roll :toilet paper
bog standard :basic
boggart :bogeyman
bogie :booger
boink :f**k
bollard :metal pole
bollocking :telling off
bollocks :testicles
bonk :f**k
bonked :f**ked
bonkers :insane
bonnet :hood
boobarse :c**t
bootnote :footnote
boozer :bar
borstal :juvenile detention center
bounder :bad egg
bovad :bothered
boxing day :day after christmas
brass :money
brass flute :prostitute
brass monkeys :cold
brill :brilliant
bristols :breasts
brolly :umbrella
brown bread :Dead
brub :Brother
brum :Birmingham
brummie :a person from Birmingham
brush :broom
bubtion :baby
bugbear :bogeyman
bugger :a**h**e
bugger :a**h**e
bullocks :Testicles
bullocksae :bulls**t
bum :butt
bum bag :fanny pack
bumbershoot :umbrella
bumf :paperwork
bunch of fives :fist
bung :throw
busk :play music in the street
busker :street musician
busking :Playing music for tips
butcher's :look
butcher's hook :look
butchers :look
butters :Ugly
buttie :sandwich
butty bar :sandwich shop