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labour :labor
lad :guy
laddie :boy
laddy :boy
ladette :lush
lads :children
ladybird :ladybug
lager :pale ale
lairy :abusive
lashed :drunk
lass :girl
lassie :girl
laughing gear :teeth
launderette :laundromat
lavatory :Restroom
lavvie :restroom
lavvy :Toilet
lay by :rest stop
learnt :learned
leathered :Drunk
leg over :sex
lickalotapuss :lesbian
litre :liter
lob :Throw
lodger :renter
lolly :money
lollyice :popcicle
loo :bathroom
lorrie :truck
lorries :trucks
lorry :truck
lugholes :ears
lurgy :sickness
luvvie :gay actor