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Be careful though, using too many british words can make you sound like a wanker.

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waffle :rambling conversation
waistcoat :vest
wally :idiot
wank :masturbate
wanked :jerked
wanker :jerk off
wankered :drunk
wankers :jerk offs
wanking :masturbating
wanking chariot :bed
wanking off :Masterbating
waps :breasts
wardrobe :Closet
washing-up liquid :dish soap
wassak :idiot
water biscuit :soda cracker
water closet :bathroom
wazz :piss
wazzack :idiot
wazzak :idiot
wazzock :idiot
wc :bathroom
wean :child
wedge :money
wee :small
wellies :boots
wellingtons :boots
welly :boot
whazzock :idiot
wheelie bin :trashcan
whilst :while
whimpy bar :hamburger stand
whinge :whine
whinger :whiner
whinging :Whining
whip round :collection of money
whispering eye :Vagina
whistle and flute :suit
whoops a daisy :oops
widdershins :Clockwise
wifey queer :lesbian
willie :penis
willy :penis
windscreen :windshield
wing mirrors :side mirrors
wintry :Cheerless, cold
wonga :money
wonky :not quite right
wotcha :hi
wotcher :hello
wuzzock :idiot