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railway :railroad
randy :horny
ranker :enlisted man
rasher :bacon strip
rat arsed :drunk
rat-arsed :drunk
ratted :drunk
razz :puke
razzed :puked
razzers :Police
readies :folding money
realise :realize
recognise :recognize
reeking green trees :Marijuana
removal van :moving van
restroom :staff room
return ticket :round trip ticket
reverse charge call :collect call
reversing lights :back-up lights
ring up :call
rodger :horny
romp :f**k
romped :f**ked
ropey :not in good shape
rosie :tea
rosy lea :cup of tea
roundabout :traffic circle
row :argument
rub dub :Pub
rubber :eraser
rubber jonny :condom
rubbish :trash
rucksack :backpack
ruddy :f**king
rumour :rumor