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gaff :place
gaffe :home
gaffer :foreman
gallus :Excellent
gander :look
gaol :jail
gday :good day
gear lever :stick shift
gearbox :transmission
geezer :dude
geezer bird :transvestite
geordie :person from newcastle
george bush :Complete idiot
gerry :german
get my goat up :annoy me
get to fuck! :I do not believe that to be true, Sir!
get your bread dipped :get stuck in
giddy :dizzy
gimp :Disabled Person
git :b*****d
give over :give me a break
give way :yeild
glaikit :stupid
glamour :glamor
gob :mouth
gobbing :spitting
gobshite :bulls**t
gobsmacked :surprised
goggle box :TV
googly :bouncing cricket ball
goolies :balls
gorgey :gorgeous
gormless :dumb
graft :work
gramme :gram
grandmummy :grandmother
greens :vegetables
grey :gray
grizzle :moan
grotty :disgusting
ground floor :first floor
growler :cab
guff :fart
guffawed :laughed
gutted :dissapointed
guvnor :boss
gyp :pain
gypo :slob