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nackered :tired
naff :tacky
nancy :homosexual
nappies :diapers
nappy :diaper
narked :annoyed
natter :chatter
naught :zero
naughts and crosses :tic tac toe
navvy :road worker
ned :white trash
neighbour :Neighbor
nesh :sensitive to the cold
newsagent :newspaper vendor
nick :steal
nicked :busted
nickers :underwear
niggle :nagging problem
niggling :nagging
nincompoop :idiot
ninny :idiot
nip round the local :go to the bar
nippy :irritating
nithered :freezing
nob :penis
nobble :disable
noice :nice
nonce :child molestor
norks :breasts
norwich :nickers off ready when I come home
nosh :snack
nought :zero
noughts and crosses :tic tac toe
nout :Nothing
nowt :nothing
nuffink :nothing
number plate :license plate
numbskull :idiot
numpty :idiot
nutter :insane person