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haddaway and shite :I do not believe you, sir!
hae :have
hair slide :barrette
hairy axe wound :vagina
half inched :stolen
hallowe'en :halloween
hammered :drunk
hampstead heath :teeth
hand luggage :carry on baggage
handbag :Purse
handbrake :parking brake
harbour :harbor
harry potter and the philosopher's stone :Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone
have off :steal
haver :ramble incoherently
having kittens :being nervous
haway :come along
head boy :valedictorian
headmaster :Principal
hen night :bachelorette party
her indoors :wife
hereaboot :around here
higgledy piggledy :jumbled up
high flier :important person
high street :main street
hill walking :hiking
hippocrockapig :ugly woman
hire :rent
hob :stove
hobknocker :Idiot
hobnocker :idiot
homely :pleasant and comfortable
honour :honor
hoover :vacuum cleaner
hoovered :vacuumed
housemate :roommate
how are you :how do you do
humour :humor
hypermarket :Supermarket