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ta :thank you
table football :foosball
tackle :equiptment
tad :bit
tadge :penis
tadger :penis
tailback :traffic jam
take away :carry out
taking the mickey :making fun
taking the piss :making fun
takings :receipts
tanked :very drunk
tannoy :public address system
tardy :late
tart fuel :cheap, often fruit flavoured, alcoholic drinks
tartan :plaid
tater :potato
taters :cold
tea break :coffee break
tele :television
telebox :Television
telly :tv
tetchy :touchy
the baked bean :the queen
the battlecruiser :the drinking establishment
the beeb :the BBC
the bollocks :the best
the dog's bollocks :great
the dogs bollocks :the best
the ready :the spare cash
the stink :a**h**e
the tits :the best
the tube :the subway
theatre :theater
thine :yours
thingamajig :thing
thingamijig :thing
thou :you
tidings :news
tiffin :old car
tiger nuts :dingleberries
tilil :cash register
till :cash register
tinned :canned
tippex :white out
tipple :some sort of drink
tipsy :drunk
titchy :very small
titfer :hat
tits up :gone wrong
to bits :very much
toddle on off :move along to
todge :penis
todger :penis
toe rag :scoundrel
toff :upper class
toilet :bathroom
tolly :White Trash
tom tit :s**t
tomato sauce :catsup
tongue-wrestle :kiss
tonne :ton
toodle pip :goodbye
toodly :brilliant
top banana :First Rate
top hole :finest quality
top notch :finest quality
torch :flashlight
toss :masturbate
toss-pot :jerk
tottie :tiny
totty :pretty girl
tracky :tracksuit
trainers :sneakers
tram :train
treacle :molasses
trilby :felt hat
trolley :shopping cart
trolley dolly :stewardess
trolleyed :drunk
trollop :s**t
trouble and strife :wife
trouser snake :d**k
trousers :pants
tube :subway
tugger :Jerk off
tumour :tumor
tumped :farted
twat :p***y
twatted :hit
twee :tacky
twig :catch on
twit :nitwit
twonk :idiot
tyre :tire
tyres :tires