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cack :s**t
cackhanded :clumsy
caffler :idiot
cakehole :mouth
calibre :caliber
camp :homosexual
candy floss :cotton candy
candyfloss :cottoncandy
caned :stoned
capitalise :capitalize
car boot :trunk
car park :parking lot
car parks :parking lots
caravan :trailer
careworn :looking worried
carivan :Car
carriageway :highway
carrier bag :shopping bag
cashpoint machine :ATM
catalogue :Catalog
cellotape :scotch tape
centimetre :centimeter
central reservation :median
centre :center
chabbie :Young child
chabbies :Young children
chancer :gambler
chap :guy
chaps :guys
charva :white trash
chav :White Trash wanna-be gangster
chaved :stole
chebs :boobs
cheeky :rude
cheerio :goodbye
cheers :thank you
cheesed off :annoyed
cheesy :tacky
chemist :pharmacy
cheque :check
cherry stone :cherry pit
chevy chase :face
chimminny :chimney
china plate :friend
chinstrapped :Very Very Tired
chipon :pal
chippie :restaurant
chippy :fish and chips
chips :fries
chivvey :hurry
chivvy :hurry
chivy :Hurry
chock a block :closely packed together
chocolate drops :chocolate chips
chuff :fart
chuffed :happy
cider :alcoholic drink
ciggie :cigarette
cinema :theater
clingfilm :Saran wrap
clobber :clothing
clot :idiot
clothes peg :Clothes Pin
clumpy dumplet :short person
cob :bun
cobblers :nonsense
cock :friend
cock up :mess up
cock-a-hoop :excited
cockney :east londoner
cocksure :confident
codger :old man
codswallop :nonsense
coffin dodger :Old Person
collywobbles :fear
colonies :America
colour :color
come a cropper :have an accident
come to that :for that matter
compere :emcee
conk :nose
cooker :oven
cop a :take a
cop off :f**k
copped off :f**ked
copper :policeman
corking :excellent
cornflour :cornstarch
corridor :hallway
costermonger :street vendor
cosy :cozy
cot :crib
cotch :loiter
cotton buds :Q-Tips
cotton wool :cotton ball
council house :public housing
counsellor :counselor
courgette :zucchini
courgettes :zucchini
cream crackered :tired
creps :Sneakers
crikey :wow
crisp :chip
crisps :chips
crumbs :aw man
crumpet :teacake
cushy :easy
CV :resume