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p.a. :personal assistant
paediatric :pediatric
paedophile :pedophile
pants :underwear
parcel :Package
parchment :Paper
parky :chilly
parlour :parlor
parritch :porridge
pastie :meat pie
pater :father
pavement :sidewalk
pay packet :pay check
pear shaped :gone wrong
peckish :hungry
pence :cents
pensioner :old person
perspex :plexiglass
pete tong :wrong
petrol :gas
phone box :phone booth
phut :expired
pickled :drunk
piddle :Pee
piddled :peed
piddles :pees
piehole :mouth
pikey :white trash
pillock :idiot
pillow biter :homosexual
pinch :steal
pinhead :idiot
pinney :Apron
pips :seeds
pish :piss
pished :drunk
piss artist :drunkard
pissed :drunk
pisshead :drunk person
pissy eyed :drunk
pitch :field
plank :idiot
plaster :bandaid
plastered :drunk
plates of meat :feet
pleb :idiot
plod :police
plonker :idiot
plopper :toilet
plough :plow
plunker :idiot
po faced :glum
polo neck :turtle neck
polythene :polyethylene
pommy :english
ponce :idiot
pong :bad smell
poo :poop
poochie :Vagina
poof :homosexual
poofter :homosexual
pop :dad
poppet :child
poppycock :Unbelievable
pork sword :penis
porkies :lies
porky :Lie
porky pies :lies
porridge :oatmeal
porter :doorman
posh :well to do
post :mail
postage & packing :shipping & handling
postbox :mailbox
postcode :zip code
postie :mailman
potholing :spelunking
potty :loopy
practising :practicing
pram :baby carriage
pranged :dented
prat :idiot
prawn :shrimp
press studs :snaps
pretence :pretense
programme :program
pub :bar
pudding :Dessert
pukka :Brilliant
punch-up :fistfight
pushchair :stroller
pushpin :thumbtack
pyjamas :pajamas