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da :father
dae :do
daffy :silly
daft :absent minded
dago :spaniard
dear :expensive
dialogue :dialog
diarrhoea :diarrhea
dickey bird :word
diddle :swindle
dinges :underwear
dingy :dirty
dinnae :didn't
dinner :lunch
dishy :attractive
dither :delay
doddle :easy
dodgem :bumper car
dodgem cars :Bumper cars
dodgy :shady
dog & bone :Telephone
dog and bone :phone
dog's bollocks :most excellent
dog's breakfast :mess
dog-end :cigarette butt
dogs bollocks :best
dogsbody :servant
dolt :idiot
dooze :Enough
dosh :money
doss :sit around doing nothing
dossing :sitting around doing nothing
doughnut :donut
dowdy :dull
dozy :slow
drailings :Teeth
draught :draft
draughts :checkers
drawing pin :thumb tack
dressing gown :bathrobe
dual carriageway :divided highway
dumbarse :dumbass
dunno :dont know
durex :condom
dust bin :garbage can
dust-bin-trolley :trash-truck
dustbin :trashcan
dustman :garbage man
duvet :comforter
dux :valedictorian
dyke :lesbian