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sacked :fired
saffer :South African
saffie :South African
salmon canyon :vagina
samey :similar
sarnie :sandwich
sarnies :sandwiches
saviour :savior
scally :White Trash
scallywag :rascal
scapa :run
scarper :run away
scarpered :ran away
schemie :hoodlum
schtum :shut
scone :biscuit
scones :biscuits
scouser :person from Liverpool
scrap :junk
scrote :scum
scrummy :yummy
scrumpy :nasty drink
scuffer :policeman
scupper :obstruct
scuppereed :stopped
sellotape :scotch tape
semi housing :duplex
seppo :Yankee
septic :american
septic tank :yank
septics :americans
settee :sofa
shag :f**k
shagadelic :f**kable
shagged :f**ked
shambolic :unorganized
shandy :beer and lemonade
shank :knife
shash :nonsense
shat :took a s**t
shazza :female white trash
shilling :money
shirt lifter :faggott
shirt-lifter :faggott
shirty :irritable
shit hot :fantastic
shit me whack :pooed my pants
shite :s**t
shitfaced :drunk
shiv :stab
shizz :s**t
shoddy :cheap
shoney :crawl
shopping centre :shopping mall
shopping hall :mall
shopping trolley :shopping cart
shufty :look
sixes and sevens :crazy
skallywag :rascal
skane :I see
skanky :s**tty
skanky :s**t
sken :look
sket :s**t
skids :Underwear
skinfull :enough alcohol to get drunk
skins :condoms
skint :poor
skip :trash can
skive :unauthorized absence
sky rocket :pocket
skyrocket :pocket
slag :s**t
slaggy :s**tty
slapper :desperate person
slash :piss
slaughtered :Drunk
sleeping policeman :speed bump
sleeping rough :homeless
slewed :drunk
slippy :slippery
slummy :loose change
smalls :underpants
smarm :polite but insincere
smarmy :polite, insincere
smart dress :formal attire
smashing :good
smeg :gooey substance
smeg-for-brains :idiot
smeghead :idiot
snigger :snicker
snockered :drunk
snog :kiss
snogged :kissed
snogging :kissing
snooker :pool
sod all :nothing
sod it :forget it
sod off :get lost
sod you :bite me
sodding :annoying
softie :wimp
solicitor :lawyer
soya :soy
spack :idiot
spacker :idiot
spanner :wrench
sparky :electrician
specs :glasses
spiffing :excellent
splendid :excellent
spotted dick :sponge cake with raisins
spotty :zit faced
sprog :small child
spud :potato
spunk :semen
squaddie :soldier
squidgy :malleable
squiffy :pear shaped
squinty :crooked
squiz :look
stag night :bachelor party
starkers :naked
steady on :whoa
steamin :drunk
steaming :drunk
sterling :great
steve mcqueens :jeans
stiff one :strong drink
stonking :great
straight away :right away
stroppy :grumpy
sulphur :sulfur
sultanas :yellow raisins
sumfink :something
summat :something
supper :dinner
supper :dinner
surname :last name
suss :realise
swamp hopper :REALLY ugly chick
sweets :candy
sweetshop :candy store
swift half :quick drink
swiftie :quick drink
swimmers :swim trunks
swimming costume :swimsuit
swindle :con
switched on :sexy
swither :hesitate
swizz :con
swot :book worm
swotting :cramming